March 28, 2012

Dear Laura,

Thank God for revelations and healing. 12 years ago I wrote to you about my anger regarding your choice to dance with a 25 year alcoholic life style which culminated in your death, June 13, 1999. Since that day my mission has been to make your memory matter with addiction prevention and recovery resources at Through grace and tenacity we have received 70,000 web page views since launching our website May 1, 2006. 182 teens pledge not to mess with drugs or alcohol before 21 on our Sobriety Pledge web page. 725 champions celebrate 9425 clean & sober years on our Sobriety Anniversary web page. Your passing has been my supreme motivator, and I thought my grieving process was mostly resolved. Today during a massage session I received the surprise of my life. With 10 minutes left, I felt intense shivers for no apparent reason. My masseuse said “You may be thinking about your sister. I will depart from the room and let you process your feelings. Take your time.” In those minutes my shivers (anger) turned to sobs (sadness) and it felt profoundly cathartic at a body level because of your traumatic departure, Laura. I appreciated Geppina’s insight and will accept that shivers and sobs remain a necessary part of my grieving process for you.

Love, Brad

— —

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