Summary of Student Public Policy Suggestions

I believe these collected thoughtful responses could and should be leveraged to significantly affect drug and alcohol education public policy wherever appropriate. The following is a summary of student suggestions:

  1. Require earlier drug and alcohol health class education (freshman year or before). I believe incorporating my essay questions into the curricula would be helpful.

  2. Require annual school-wide assemblies addressing the scope of the current drug/alcohol challenge and successful sobriety maintenance strategies.

  3. Invite speakers including recovering adults and students.

  4. Create a 12-step mentor program for students before they use for the first time.

  5. Reinforce it can be “cool” to maintain personal integrity and say “no thanks” to all drug and alcohol offers (easier said than done).

  6. Establish a high school structure that allows students to feel “cool” for maintaining sobriety (easier said than done).

  7. Include more specific drug and alcohol information in the State Driver Manual.

  8. Require a drug and alcohol information course before obtaining driver license.

  9. Seek community support. Hang out with like-minded sober friends. Stand tall in their presence. Be vigilant and continue to educate self about drug and alcohol topic.

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