Janeil Anderson Glazier

In every country, every culture, certain people stand out because they approach life in a heroic manner, giving exceptional service to others and consistently making choices to benefit their fellow beings more than themselves. These individuals lift all of us up, inspiring us to be more courageous, more generous, more optimistic … and they do this simply by living their daily lives. They teach by example. Such a special lady is our friend, Janeil Anderson Glazier.

When I met Janeil in a music history class at Portland State University in 1996, I was impressed by the fact that, as she pursued her college degree, she had a constant companion … her adorable preschool-aged daughter. The youngest of Janeil’s five children, Hilary added a delightful element to our class with her golden curls, angelic blue eyes, and happy personality. She was always well behaved, and was therefore warmly welcomed by the instructor! Janeil and I soon became friends. One of our first conversations is still clear in my memory. As I struggled to verbalize a concept deeply significant in my life, she quietly and kindly offered the perfect words with which to express my feelings. I remember looking at her in amazement and exclaiming, “Yes! That’s it exactly!” Since that day, I have had many opportunities to appreciate her insights.

Janeil Anderson was born on August 15, 1958, in Brigham City, Utah, the oldest child of Neil and RaNae Anderson. Her family lived in Utah until 1965, when her father went to work for the Boeing Company; the family, which came to include two brothers and a sister, moved to Renton, Washington. Janeil was raised there, and the family loved the Pacific Northwest. She grew up in a home of great opportunities, high expectation, and love. After graduation from high school, she attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She had a love of foreign languages and dance of all kinds, and majored in Russian and Dance Performance. She performed with BYU’s famed Folk Dance Team and Theatre Ballet Performing Company. A torn Achilles tendon and true love changed all those plans … she married Don Glazier on May 12, 1978, and they continued in their schooling. They were blessed to become the parents of five terrific kids. Janeil embarked on what was, to her, the most important part of her life, being a mom and raising her children. She spent the years also serving as a school volunteer — in the classroom, accompanying musical groups, and being the art literacy coordinator. She also served through her church as a den mother, Sunday School teacher, and children’s music leader. During this time, she developed herself as a piano teacher and taught piano lessons for twenty years. She was able to work from home and be there while her children were growing up.

Her love of music and art led her back to her education, and she returned to Portland State University to get her degree in Music and Art History in 2000. As her children grew up and began to leave the nest, her interests took her in new directions. The shared hobby of jewelry making led Janeil and her sister Sharilee to start a business, RoosterBlue Jewelry Design, in 2002. Within three years, it became RoosterBlue, Inc., and their jewelry is featured in catalogues and magazines all over the United States.

Janeil feels blessed in life, with a wonderful family and opportunities to explore her interests and ambitions, and, more importantly for her, to grow in her faith and watch her family grow to adulthood and success in their own lives.

To us, Janeil Anderson Glazier is a heroine. Life has brought her challenges, which she has faced with determination and humor … always emphasizing the achievements of others and minimizing her own. She has shown us that friendship is like a lighthouse; we guide one another through the storms and past the dangers, beaming light where it is needed to help our loved ones find the way.

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