March 30, 2011 blog entry at The Partnership at

The Partnership at is pleased to announce a powerful new alliance with Portland musician and activist, Brad Mersereau. After prematurely losing his sister, Laura, when she was 46 to complications related to alcohol addiction, Brad has made it his mission to make her memory matter. He explains, “The addictive path was my sister’s choice at every turn. Nothing I attempted could save Laura without her total commitment to recovery. I tried my best to be a good brother, and I remain supremely motivated to help other families avoid our heartache if they so choose.”

To that end, Brad offers teens and young adults an opportunity to make their commitment to living sober lives through a Sobriety Pledge at Taking the pledge is a commitment to honor oneself. It also serves as encouragement for others and helps establish a supportive, sober, peer community for young people. Brad’s initial goal was to secure 25 pledges to match the number of years his sister Laura struggled with her addiction. He has far surpassed that goal and, to date, 111 teens have pledged to honor their minds, bodies, and spirits by not smoking, using illegal drugs, or drinking until their 21st birthday. With his 2011 goal surpassed, Brad’s new target is 200 Sobriety Pledges by year’s end. Please encourage the youngsters you know to visit Brad’s website, take the pledge, and learn more.

Brad also helps those in recovery to sustain their commitment on the Sobriety Anniversary page at As of today, 335 anonymous participants signed on and collectively affirmed 4,710 sober years! His annual goal is to document and affirm 1000 new years. Brad’s macro-goal is 20,000 drug / alcohol-free years by 2025! Please encourage all in recovery to join this vibrant community.

The Partnership is very honored to work with Brad to fight addiction.

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