I am humbled and honored by my friend Sanya’s essay which she composed as a 5th grade student. Janet and I remain grateful for a special friendship with the entire Cowal family.


Do you have someone special in your life? I do. His name is Brad. Brad is a jazz musician and he plays the piano. In this paper I will tell you about Brad, his music, and why he is special to my family.

Brad isn’t related to my family by blood, but his friendship makes him like an uncle to me. When Brad comes over to our house, we have coffee, tea, and cookies. I usually have peppermint tea, my brother has Good Earth, my parents have coffee, and Brad’s drink always varies. We spend the time eating and talking about school and Brad’s new songs. Sometimes Brad will play his songs on the piano or bring us a CD. I look forward to tea time with Brad.

Brad writes songs about a lot of things, but some of them are inspired by people. Brad wrote a song called “Pete’s Penguin” that is inspired by my brother Peter’s stuffed penguin, Frigid. It doesn’t have any words in it, but listening to the bouncy music makes me think of Frigid hopping around on icebergs. Another of his songs is called “Sanya Grace” – my name. It was inspired by my dancing. I like listening to those two songs because it puts a familiar image in my mind.

I look forward to when our car stops in front of Brad’s house. I jump out and comment on the odd but wonderfully shaped tree in his front yard. When I get inside his house, I feel warm. I look at Janet, Brad’s wife, her warm smile and her shining eyes behind her glasses. Then my eyes focus on Brad’s socks. The piano design on them goes well with Brad’s black and white outfit. We usually venture into the music room where there are lots of instruments and a chess board. The piano is covered by cards and art, some of them my own. Brad plays the piano while my brother plays violin; I used to fool around on the congas, but now I can play the violin with Brad as well. My mom will smile while my dad takes pictures. When we are done we have refreshments and cookies. I enjoy visits to Brad’s house.

Brad is really supportive of all my activities. He comes to my dance and violin recitals and gymnastics shows. He’s a generous person, a wonderful musician, and very special to my family. I’m glad to have Brad in my life.

Sanya Cowal

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