Interdependence is everything. This is a page for links to friends and the greater community.

My Little Waiting Room:
Video featuring Janet Mersereau at 2:01

Janet Hughes Mersereau’s Coloring Book

Lines for Life/Oregon Partnership —
Laura Mersereau Memorial Scholarship Essay Contest

  KXL Interview About the Essay Contest

Central City Concern —
  Laura’s Place Fundraiser; An Evening of Music and Magic
  Laura’s Place Fundraiser; We Are Family

Brad & Janet PSU Jazz Scholarship

Five Stars for Piano! Push! Play! Performance
East Meets West Piano! Push! Play! Performance
Sanya Grace Dedicated Performance
Pete's Penguin Original Arrangement
PSU All-Steinway School Concert
PSU Magazine House Concert
East Meets West House Concert Performance
PSU Connections: Celebrating the Mersereau Music Scholarships Concert

Terwilliger Plaza Concerts
Original Tunes and Their Stories
Cozy Organic Concert

Terwilliger Plaza Concert I
Terwilliger Plaza Concert II
Terwilliger Plaza Concert III

Article about Portland Schools 4th & 5th Grades essay contest
  My Friend Peter’s Essay

A Modern Collection of Fairy Tales

My Friend Sanya’s Essay

An Andy Warhol Inspired Treatment of Three Pandas

CNN Hero Nomination

An Interview with Brad Mersereau

Portland’s Walk of Heroines
  Five Heroines:
  Janet Hughes Mersereau
  Janet Tom Cowal
  Janeil Anderson Glazier
  Alice W. Sedgwick
  Cindy Dulcich

Remembering Alice
Remembering Beatrice

A Basketball Legend
  Magic Returns

Hosford Middle School Career Day

2011 William Temple House – Lifting Spirits Video
William Temple House Sunday Remarks 2012
William Temple House Sunday Remarks 2013

Ascension Episcopal Parish Stewardship Remarks 2013
Ascension Episcopal Parish Sunday School Lesson 2015
Ascension TED-Modeled Talk and Following Q&A
Lessons Learned: Creating Significant Transactions Through Community Synergy and Mutual Ownership

“The Philanthropist”

Brad’s Spiritual Biography