A Decade of Reflection

Reflections on Addiction, Sobriety, and Goals

I believe that God’s greatest gift to humans is time graced with the power of choice. Privilege is not a part of the equation. We can choose to be stewards of bestowed talents and apply golden rule-inspired loving service with our allotted time on this planet. That consistent decision for me feels satisfyingly congruent. Our mission continues to be to make my sister Laura’s memory matter by offering tangible addiction prevention and recovery resources for those who want to grab on. The quote attributed to Henry Ford on the school wall where I met my dear wife, Janet, in 1980 still applies: “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right!” We celebrate and thank all who participate in our thriving interdependent community.

— Brad Mersereau

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  • $7,100,000 = Total Philanthropy Including Scholarships And Other Significant Causes
  • 33 TV & Movie Tune Placements