December 25, 1999

Dear Laura,

Another milestone … our 1st Christmas not in the same world. We completed Aunt Terri’s orchestrated tune, “I Just Remembered,” and sent copies of the CD to her children and their children. What a thrilling process. My friend Steve produced the recording session and we collaborated with a gifted LA orchestrator and arranger named Michael. He supplied the synth string section and harp. We hired musicians to play flute, trumpet, English horn, piano, bass, and drums. Nancy sang Aunt Terri’s poignant lyrics. I hope she will be pleased. I sure am. The entire process was a gift, and I hope to create a musical project with larger scope soon.

Thinking about you inspires me, so I want to remember some compelling characteristics that defined your essence … freckles, giggles and smiles for everyone. I loved your joy-filled spark. Sometimes I was serious and stuffy. You offered needed balance. I can't thank you enough, Laura. You taught me lessons that I never found in books. Your people skills were pronounced and seemed to flow naturally. Sometimes I envied that.

You also loved animals … guinea pigs when you were little and always our beloved Labradors. You were best friends with Kookie, Chocolate Frosting and the Cinders. In childhood you lived a delighted golden-rule philosophy. It was a supreme gift to everyone you met. It still is. Merry Christmas.

Love, Brad

— —

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