March 15, 2000

Dear Laura,

Janet and I donated your house today to the YWCA. It feels like an initial healing step to endow a long-term sobriety program called Laura’s House. Our goal is to honor your memory by providing hope and help for young women. We’ll work out the details later, but please know I am thinking about you.

Concrete plans are also on the drawing board for my first CD project dedicated to you, Laura. My friend Steve will be the producer. He’s lined up some fabulous musicians, and our friend Michael from LA will provide a lush orchestration and arrangement for the title track I’ll be singing entitled Laura.

I am slowly feeling waves of sadness and anger recede. Your death has become my motivator to help others avoid your addictive path. I expect this forward journey will offer many twists and turns, but my mission to make your memory matter will remain on the horizon for the rest of my days.

Love, Brad

— —

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