April 6, 2001

Dear Laura,

We continue to move forward. My musical partner Alice and I offered a Terwilliger Plaza concert this evening which featured piano, synthesizer and singing. Many friends attended and the auditorium was packed. At 88 Alice still sings like a bird, and she closed our performance with a poignant vocal of Some Enchanted Evening. Her son Bruce surprised his mom earlier singing Someone to Watch Over Me. Avery and Bruce presented Alice with a plaque affirming her love of music and their love for her.

I thank God for music. It allows for the authentic expression of feelings in a way that no other artistic form can. I love connecting with myself, the other musicians and the audience. It is raw and it is real. Alice just called to thank me. She was pleased with her musical performance and appreciated her children’s and friends’ love and support. She said she didn’t need anything else, and then exclaimed, “What’s next?” We make our own kind of music, Laura. Something magical will always be on the horizon.

Love, Brad

— —

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