Laura and Brad

The Laura CD project is dedicated to the memory of my sister, Laura Mersereau Pressnall, a vibrant, gregarious, and love-filled human being, who died at age 46 due to physical complications from a quarter-century battle with her enemy, the disease of alcoholism. She was able to maintain sobriety and confront her previous denial demons in the final six months of her life, but sadly, this just wasn't enough.

The music in this collaborative effort is also focused on a most sobering truth. Each phase of our existence offers hope and possibility if we let it. This is the truth that all musicians cooperatively involved with these compositions communicate. From Sunrise, Arrival, and Sojourn, through Vision, Spiritus, and Au Revoir, each segment of the life cycle has its own significance and meaning.

Laura is now in the next phase of her journey, but her memory can serve as a reminder musically and literally that hope continues to exist… “a face in the misty light—footsteps that you hear down the hall.” Here’s to you, Laura. We lift you up and that is the truth.