Portland, Oregon

Networking is a key element in accomplishing goals. The following references are from my LinkedIn page, and are a mix of business and personal contacts in the greater community.

“With his website, Brad Mersereau demonstrates that he is not only a catalyst, but a consummate advocate for individuals in the throes of addiction, those celebrating sobriety, or those seeking affirmation for sobriety. I met Brad more than five years ago through my work as an Executive Director. His passion for supporting those struggling with addiction was immediately evident. As the surviving sister of an older brother who wrestled with all-consuming addiction nearly all of his life, I could immediately identify with the intensity and life-changing impact of providing resources and support to individuals battling addiction.

Over the years, I have sent numerous individuals to his website. Those individuals were often times celebrating a sobriety anniversary and Brad’s website provided a safe way to celebrate that milestone in a meaningful way with others who know the struggle first hand. The website offers videos of Brad describing the Laura’s mission and encounter while providing music and other resources that provide solace.

Whether you are battling addiction, someone who is in recovery, or someone who cares deeply about helping individuals struggling with addiction, this website provides unique, spiritual support for you.”

— Brenda Ray Scott
April 11, 2016

“In the over twenty-five years I’ve known Brad I’ve found him to be a genuine and respectable man. He is committed to serving the community, selflessly helping to provide resources for those making positive life changes. He is a gifted songwriter and musician who freely shares his gifts to enhance the lives of others. I have a great amount of respect for Brad and it has been a pleasure to serve him and his wife Janet.”

— Billy R. Flowers, Chiropractor
April, 2016

“As a man of much integrity with a passion for those suffering with addictions and life controlling issues, I have found Brad to be an incredible resource for those who are willing to take a stand against the number one health crisis in our country, addiction. As a guest on the world’s only faith based recovery radio show, Brad has been a powerful influence to our listeners world-wide.”

— Monty D. Meyer, CEO
Take 12 Recovery Radio, March 17, 2016

“Brad’s commitment, in word and action, to addictions prevention and recovery is motivated by deep personal experience and is grounded in sound research and best practices. Moreover, his generous spirit continues to help thousands of people find hope, healing and health in the darkest moments of their lives. Brad is a valued partner, friend, and supporter to all who find their call where human need and human caring intersect.”

— Stephen Ristau, Executive Director,
William Temple House, March 22, 2016

“Brad is extremely conscientious. His attendance at board meetings has been nearly perfect. He walks his talk about the importance of community service and counseling organizations, and gives a great deal to support their continuing life.”

— Steve Norcross, Director of Pastoral Services,
William Temple House, February 1, 2011

“I am pleased to serve with Brad on the Board of Directors at William Temple House. Brad is a committed and effective advocate for the clients served by the House – the working poor of the greater Portland area. I have the utmost respect for Brad’s judgment. He brings to the Board a calm strength and dignity, and treats everyone – from colleagues to clients – with kindness and decency.”

— Mark Hendricks, Principal,
Hendricks Media, January 30, 2011

“Brad is a tremendous partner and advocate for sobriety and recovery. Without his help, we at Central City Concern would never have been able to start Laura’s Place, where women who are graduating from their treatment program at Letty Owings Center, can live in a clean and sober environment with their children. They and their children have a fresh start in life. It was Brad’s vision that helped make it happen, and we are grateful for it.”

— Carole Romm, Director, Community Partnerships,
Central City Concern, April 26, 2011

“Those committed to helping the cause of Recovery are vital to the future of our communities, and Brad is a treasure on the Recovery team! Those in recovery should visit Brad’s website and enter their recovery anniversary. Those who teach should invite Brad to come and speak, or play or bring. (He does all well.)”

— Bill Russell, Executive Director,
Union Gospel Mission, April 25, 2011

“Brad is both an inspiration and a wonderful person. He is great to work with – both his passion and integrity shine through everytime!”

— Shannon Spencer, Development Manager,
YWCA of Greater Portland, April 25, 2011

“Brad lives his values as an advocate, a philanthopist and an artist. He truly makes a difference in the lives of others, including those struggling with addictions, in organizations that lift up peoples’ lives, and through his contributions as a composer and musician.”

— Patricia Trout, Owner,
Trout Limited LLC, January 30, 2011

“Brad is a unique individual who has found his calling through using his talent as a musician and composer to bring a message of sobriety to the world. I admire his dedication and commitment, and his ability to turn tragedy into a strong message of hope for others.”

— Anna Catalano, Chairman, Board of Directors,
Alzheimer’s Association, Houston and Southeast Texas Chapter, January 30, 2011

“Brad has played piano music for Terwilliger Plaza diners since 1997. His American Songbook soft jazz repertoire is tasteful, and we enjoy the ambience he provides.”

— Barbara Leighton, volunteer
Terwilliger Plaza, May 19, 2011

“I had the privilege of having Brad as a Board Member at a not-for-profit, and relied on his integrity and kindness. He was generous with his talents and passionate about his mission. Both his faith and compassion make him a strong advocate for helping people.”

— Vivian Cheadle Manning,
Annual Giving & Memberships Manager,
Clark College Foundation, May 20, 2011

“Brad is a dedicated humanitarian though his work assisting women in recovery. He has creatively used his life experience to inform his efforts to support women in recovery and encourage women to choose recovery. Brad’s networking approach allows for the broadest reach for the message of recovery and for multiple points of contact and entry into the sisterhood of the recovered. I would encourage anyone interested in recovery, women and addictions, women’s and their families’ health and wellbeing to learn about and support Brad’s work.”

— Suzanne Doyle, Associate Executive Director,
YWCA of Greater Portland, May 25, 2011

“Brad is an excellent pianist and performs for us at different events as well as volunteers to play on a weekly basis.”

— Dee Sellner, President and CEO
Terwilliger Plaza, July 8, 2011