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Talking to Your Kids About Drug and Alcohol Abuse:
The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts Guide

Intervention eBook:
What to do if your child is drinking or using drugs

Co-Occurring Disorders

Promoting Mental Health at Home

How to Apply for Disability Benefits with Drug Addiction

Substance Abuse in the Workplace:
What to Do When an Employee Returns from Rehab

Home After Rehab:
The Guide to Finding the Right Place for Recovery

Hooper Detox Center

LifeChange Center

Lines for Life

Portland Rescue Mission

Sisters of the Road

Alcoholics Anonymous

The Alano Club of Portland

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Serenity is Forever Blog

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence


Iron Tribe

Women for Sobriety, Inc.

SoberNation – Addiction Treatment Centers


I welcome the opportunity to speak about my sister, Laura, and my family of origin. Her story matters every time it is shared. I prefer facilitating dialogue with groups through a question-and-answer format. Please contact me to arrange a meeting.