Ascension Episcopal Parish
Stewardship Remarks
November 10, 2013

Good morning … So that we can center I invite you to try a few yoga-like breaths. Let’s begin by inhaling through our noses 3 beats and exhaling 6 – again … Thanks.

I am grateful for my faith and for the opportunity to practice it on Sundays at Ascension. I believe that my time here is enhanced by noticing my breath and all that is holy in this place. It is a blessing to worship consistently together and focus on our sacramental calling to be outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace.

In an early sermon, our dynamic and enthusiastic Rector, Father Phillip, described a question he posed to his OES middle-school students involving 86,400 hypothetical dollars given to them daily. How would they be spent … for what and for whom? He then suggested that we all receive this daily gift from God 86,400 times, and they are called seconds. As Stewards do we spend them wisely? Do we advance His Kingdom with our choices? Phillip’s questions captured my attention as I scrambled to stay focused on his profound inquiries. I believe that the members of a healthy church like ours with a thriving Sunday School and beaming parents are open to a daily relationship with our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ, in waking and sleep for all 86,400 of those seconds. Jesus always nurtures our relationship with him even if we don’t reciprocate in real-time. All that we are and do emanates from the maturing growth of that primary relationship. We have daily opportunities to experience and share an abundance of the Fruits of the Spirit; love, joy, peace, kindness, long-suffering, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

About 6 months ago, Father Phillip introduced a 6-word description technique which intrigued me. I have been using it to summarize his Sunday Sermons in Twitter-like precis form ever since. Today I offer five 6-word descriptors for Ascension:

Grateful, Proactive, Replenishing, Spirit-Infused Community.
Worship Concludes, Service Continues Through Ascension.
We Act And Are Renewed Faithfully.
Love This Place And Its People.
Welcoming Members Sharing Our Faith Abundantly.

Thank you.

Brad Mersereau

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