May 3, 2015
Ascension Sunday School
Artistic Lesson Plan

Tell me and I forget
Teach me and I may remember
Involve me and I learn. — Benjamin Franklin

Breathe …
Silently Listen and Pray,
Discern, Create

Teaching and learning
Always the art
Never a finish
Never a start

It breathes
It pulses
It flows from the heart

Teaching and learning
Always the art — Brad Mersereau

Dear God, Thank you for this centering opportunity in one minute of silence
to experience the wonders of your creation. May we more fully feel your presence
as we notice and identify 5 sounds right here and right now so that we can get out
of the way and let your Holy Spirit flow. Thank you for running the show!

Describe and demonstrate composition process for latest tune dedicated
to my father, William B. Mersereau Sr., entitled
“Beyond the Stars.”

Heard two bells which chimed a Perfect 5th
Added another Perfect 5th
Spied a Time Magazine Cover which read
    “Beyond the Stars” at my wife’s chiropractor’s office
    4. Sang 8 note melody with first 2 intervals to office manager
    5. Completed composition with chart and demo for Producer

Q & A with emphasis on the beauty of silence in creation which allows for the
Holy Spirit to guide the process.

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