October 21, 2016
Terwilliger Plaza Concert Remarks

View the concert video on YouTube

Good evening. We thank you for your presence. I am Brad Mersereau and honor my sister Laura’s memory through tangible sobriety advocacy work. I also write music for tv and movies and have been playing piano here offering music for the Plaza Dining Room, the Heights Cafe adjacent swimmers, and Terrace or Metcalf Center diners at least twice weekly since 1997. My friend, Ann Neuman, plays many instruments including cello, with the Beaverton Symphony, guitar, piano, and upright bass in addition to singing and directing the Plaza Chorale. As a retired public school music educator, Ann was and is prepared to play all instruments. We agree that Terwilliger Plaza is a fabulous community, and it is always a pleasure to share music. Tonight’s goal is to provide a cozy organic musical connection which reflects our weekly Friday morning rehearsal sessions of the past 3 years. In other words; we’re here to have fun! By the way, during the past 2 decades my most frequent question from Plaza residents is: “Do you live here?”

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