From: Brad Mersereau

Congrats, Jesse, on your Fox Prime Time Show

My mission since her 1999 death is to honor my sister Laura’s memory with effective addiction prevention and recovery strategies for those who want the help. 40 million Americans are affected yearly resulting in 100,000 annual drug-related and 100,000 annual alcohol-related deaths. That represents 8 x annual homicides, and 4 x annual suicides! Many are preventable. It is a tragically under-covered story by the national media.

I hope that your producers will check out our website where 1132 champions celebrate 25,000 clean and sober years on our Sobriety Anniversary page. 413 teens honor mind body and soul without drugs or alcohol before 21 on our Sobriety Pledge webpage, thus significantly reducing the possibility of later addiction.

I want thousands of Sobriety Pledges. One mention on your program would make my wish a
reality! Through prevention, we would be offering the potential for saved lives on a massive scale! Congratulations again, and continue to tell it like it is!

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau