Good evening, Mr. Sloan
I began banking over 40 years ago with First National Bank Of Oregon which became First Interstate, which became Wells Fargo. My perception over the decades is that customer service could improve. My recent visits to our local Wells Fargo branch finally prompted this Yelp review:

“Banking regulations create multiple serenity prayer opportunities which interfere with optimum service. Employees acting as greeters tell all to “have a nice day.” I asked the Manager when there is a line of customers if opening up another teller window with that same employee might enhance the customer experience? He explained that greeters do not have that training. If I want to cash my wife’s 3rd party check for $10-$15, I must have her ODL, debit card & PIN Number or I may deposit the check directly into her checking account with her number. 2 out of 3 was not acceptable because I forgot her PIN Number. Even though the tellers know me, the Bank Manager explained that “husbands steal from wives” so this regulation is designed to protect all parties? If I secure a Power of Attorney, today’s personal banker explained that the Wells Fargo Legal Team must review it and I should expect to wait about 15 minutes before they render a decision before I could use the document which is suppose to let me act on behalf of my dear wife who currently finds it difficult physically to get to the bank. I am grateful to invest with Charles Schwab and find their approach with customers to feel more collaborative and win/win oriented.”

My wife and I feel honored to have offered 6 figure mission-oriented philanthropy for the 20 years since my sister Laura died at 46 from medical complications due to her daily alcohol consumption and addiction. is our platform for sharing addiction prevention and recovery hope and help. We are grateful to have secured $2,450,000 in additional matching funds from partners for 10 Portland Oregon addiction prevention and recovery programs including “Laura’s Place,” a drug and alcohol-free 6-plex which has served over 100 women and their children with 3-6 months of transitional housing since opening its doors in 2009. Charles Schwab has been a welcome solution-oriented assets management partner. I’m hoping that there are proactive options that our Wells Fargo manager has not yet discussed for our current local banking needs. How does Wells Fargo serve those who are even more incapacitated than my wife Janet whose lobular breast cancer caused multiple fractures in her bones including a left hip hemiarthoplasty surgery and major ambulatory issues. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for your time and attention. Sincerely, Brad Mersereau