email correspondence to Dr. Phil McGraw.

Dear Dr Phil,
Like Megyn Kelly who recently interviewed you, I am a successful script breaker. I no longer play piano for a living in hotels. Instead I write music for tv and movies with 23 placements. In 1999 my sister died from alcoholism at 46, and I chose to make her memory matter with 1026 Sobriety Anniversary champions celebrating 15,700 clean and sober years and 262 Sobriety Pledges from teens who will not drink or drug before 21. We have raised 3 million + including $1,800,000 matching funds for 9 Portland Oregon addiction prevention or recovery programs. Please check our website which has received 100,000 + website views since our May 1, 2006 launch. I would like to be a guest and offer our tangible message of hope and help to the 10% of our nation who struggle daily with addiction issues. We could save more lives for those who want to grab on. I am grateful every time that your show addresses addiction. Laura’s story matters. Thank you for your time and attention.
Sincerely, Brad Mersereau