email correspondence to nationally syndicated financial host Gary Kaltbaum.

Hi Gary,

After studying the S&P 500 chart from inception, I have noticed a logical (regression to the mean) but astounding technical pattern. From 1/1-2000 through today, the shape suggests that Obama completed the W + 33%. I know that the Fed had more influence than presidents. Forgetting right / left political opinions for this lay analysis, the W is formed by the points on the graph 1/1/2000, 6/30/2002, 6/30/07, 1/1/09 and 1/1/2013. We are currently 3% off the 3/31/15 high. I am grateful through philanthropy and $2,200,000 in matching funds to have raised $3,600,000 with 9 Portland Oregon addiction prevention and recovery partners listed at since 1/1/2000. I subscribe to Bob Brinker’s newsletter; listen to you; and manage our portfolio in a sensible way with thanks to God for the ability to share abundance. Our website welcomes 1062 sobriety champions who celebrate 16,900 clean and sober years. We also welcome 262 teen champions who honor mind, body and spirit without drugs or alcohol before 21, thus significantly reducing their possibility for addiction in later life. Our “Laura’s Mission” webpage details our passion and commitment to providing addiction recovery and prevention assistance to those who want to grab on. Your radio program has helped. Thank you!

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau

p.s. If our website would be helpful to any of the youth groups you champion in Florida, we would be honored by your consideration.