Message to Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Dear Sabrina Lee Sanchez,

I am aware that 90% of all addictions start in the teenage years. Our mission is to honor my sister Laura’s memory with addiction prevention and recovery resources. We have received 100,000 webpage views since launching on May 1, 2007. 253 teens honor mind, body and spirit without drugs or alcohol before 21 at Laura’s Pledge webpage. We have raised $3,000,000 including $1,800,000 matching funds for 9 Portland Oregon addiction prevention and recovery programs. 1015 champions celebrate 15,098 clean & sober years on our Sobriety Anniversary webpage. We sponsored a 2008 essay contest bout effective coping skills for teens to avoid drugs and alcohol and received over 125 responses from 24 high schools. Our most important work in service to Laura’s memory is the Sobriety Pledge. You can give countless teens the skills to deal with peer pressure by utilizing our resources. Our Sobriety Pledge page also lists peer pressure strategies.

Brad Mersereau