email correspondence with Sean Hannity of Fox News.


Sean, I’ve devoted the past 15 years at to honoring my sister Laura who died from alcoholism at 46. Joseph A. Califano Jr. in his book How to Raise a Drug-Free Kid documents that 25% of US college students are addicted to or are abusing alcohol and / or drugs. Our website has received 100,000 plus webpage views averaging 2 minutes. 1026 champions celebrate 15,600 clean and sober years at 261 teens honor mind, body and spirit at without drugs or alcohol before 21 thus significantly reducing the possibility for addiction in adulthood. Interview me! Our significant work and mission to make Laura’s memory matter is part of the solution.

Thanks, Brad Mersereau

p.s. please read Laura’s Story newspaper articles at and help me give addiction prevention and recovery hope to those brave souls who want it.
Thank you!