I’d so love to be in contact with you… I have a Family member that has Addiction issues & have hit a wall as to how to help them.

Your family member must want help in order to receive it. I would direct them to the Recovery Resources @ www.bradmersereau.com, especially my Dear Laura letters. If they are still open to treatment, you could discuss viable options. Be discerning about what is best for your family member. Some providers may have financial motives which conflict with beneficial treatment. If the Family member wants help, it is imperative to determine the professional team who will be needed. If your Family member is currently medically compromised & addicted, the Hooper Detox may be necessary as a first step. Trying to detox without medical supervision can result in death. I have known 2 folks in the past year who tried. If they have no funds, Union Gospel Mission’s LifeChange program may be helpful. 85% of our country’s 40 million addicts never seek help. If your family member is in this category, I would strongly recommend a 12 step-like Alanon program for you. Hope this advice helps and best wishes!

Thank you