To: Dan Tilkin of KOIN TV

Thank you, Dan, for today’s phone conversation. Our mission at is to make my sister Laura’s memory matter with tangible addiction recovery and prevention support. 1006 Sobriety Anniversary champions currently celebrate 14,822 years and 246 teens honor mind, body, and spirit without drugs or alcohol before 21 at Laura’s Pledge, thus significantly reducing their possibility for addiction in adulthood. I am grateful to Carla Castano for her June 2011 interview of me which resulted in a KOIN NOW story about our work. We have tripled participation since that broadcast and have received over 100,000 webpage views averaging 2 minutes plus since launching May, 2006. We hope that your news team will consider our proactive approach honoring Laura a worthwhile follow-up story idea. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau