Dear Brad,

It was quite odd how I stumbled on your web site. My 1 year sobriety anniversary is coming up July 1st and I was searching the web for “sobriety after 1 year.” After finding your site and putting in my anniversary date, I read your story. Funny, my name is Laura too, and my younger brother Frank is the person who I feel saved my life from alcoholism. I realized how easily your story could have been his. I also realized it was no mistake I found your site. It has inspired me to keep looking forward and live my life to the fullest, not only for myself, but for the people who love me. I will look forward to the coming year and the rest of my life and will keep the spirit of your sister, and many others who perished from this horrible disease, in my heart.

It is important what you are doing. Good luck and God bless.


Coincidently, “Laura” is one of my favorite songs, as well as movie! I am definitely getting the CD of beautiful music.