email correspondence with KOIN reporter Amy Frazier.

Dear Amy,

I am a champion for addiction recovery and prevention @ My sister Laura died on June 13, 1999, 4 months and 6 days after her 46th birthday. She was unable to successfully manage her 25-year struggle with alcohol addiction. My hopeful story idea centers around our Sobriety Anniversary webpage where 603 courageous participants collectively affirm 8040 clean and sober years. Our 2012 objective is to celebrate 10,000 Sobriety Anniversary years. Our long-term goal is to celebrate 20,000 transparent addictive-free years by 2025. KOIN TV reporter, Carla Castano, interviewed me in our home in May 2011. Since our conversation, we have averaged one new Sobriety Anniversary participant each day. Google Analytics confirms 1200 monthly website visitors. We also champion a Sobriety Pledge for youngsters. Joseph A. Califano Jr. in his book How to Raise a Drug-Free Kid documents that children who don’t drink or drug before 21 significantly reduce the future possibility for addiction. 155 teens pledge to honor their minds, bodies, and spirits and to live their dreams without drugs or alcohol before 21 on our Sobriety Pledge webpage. I hope you will consider my proactive turnaround story idea. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau

p.s. I write tunes for television and movies. My Christmas Carol composition was recently featured in the ABC Family Channel made-for-tv movie, Desperately Seeking Santa.