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Hello, Brad! I found your website while looking for inspirational, sobriety based websites for myself, and to share with the world through my personal blog site. I have found sobriety and sanity after a long, slow process of killing myself slowly with drugs and alcohol. For this daily reprieve, I am eternally grateful, and to help to give back this gift of sobriety that was given to me, I have decided to start a blog, sharing my experience, strength and hope during the course of my recovery. Knowing that there is no destination, and that sobriety is a journey that will last my entire lifetime, I was initially afraid to commit to such a blog for fear of failure before my peers. Then a miracle happened. I took a leap of faith with the understanding that my peers – as they do in my recovery program, will look out for me, express concerns, keep me right sized, and to make this commitment was adding more insurance to my long term sobriety! God wants me to do this, so I leapt.

Please check out my blog at and leave a comment, or simply reply to this e-mail and let me know if you’re interested in sharing links to each other. I would be more than happy to link to your site! I feel that what you are doing is a beautiful thing, and I want to support it. I hope you will feel the same about what I am doing.

While at my site, please support my efforts by clicking on some of my sponsor ads. They bring in the revenue that keeps the blogging possible, and also link to some really great sites, products and services. check it out. look around. And please, continue what you are doing. It brings me joy to see such a beautiful mission put into action!

Much love,