Glenn Beck is a national radio & talk show personality. His audience is substantial, and I’d like to to share my sister’s story with as many individuals as possible. Our mission continues to be making Laura’s memory matter.

Dear Mr Beck,

You receive hundreds of daily e-mails. I hope this one connects. Today would be my sister’s 55th Birthday except she died at age 46 due to her alcoholism. I applaud your sobriety & have dedicated this website to helping addicted souls who want to help themselves.

Our Sobriety Anniversary Page documents over 1700 years from 140+ individuals. This Sobriety Pledge page is my attempt to help youngsters steer clear of Laura’s destructive addictive path. I want hundreds of pledges from youngsters. Living one’s dream without booze, drugs or alcohol until age 21 is a critical 1st step. Will you help me?

I hope you or your producers will check out my entire website and read Laura’s story. I hope you will also read the letter from a Laura in Florida who broke her anonymity and joined my Sobriety Anniversary Page. Her missive is inspirational.

We are doing fine work here in Portland, Oregon, but I want to reach a larger audience. Laura’s story has the potential to be lifesaving. I have contacted every major national talk show with no response. What gives when 25% of our college age youth are considered to be abusing or already clinically addicted to booze or drugs including nicotine? 500,000 Americans needlessly die every year because of these substances.

I think the refusal skills listed on this Sobriety Pledge page are a good start. What do you think? I hope to hear from you and would love the opportunity to share Laura’s story in a helpful manner outside of Portland, Oregon.

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau

p.s. I write music for movies and television and had placements in the Chris Rock movie, I Think I Love My Wife, and Everybody Hates Chris and Ugly Betty television episodes in 2007. I would be a good guest, and we could potentially save some lives!