Email to Dr Drew Pinsky’s website

Good Morning Amy,

I honor my sister Laura’s memory @ with addiction prevention recovery accountability resources. 129,879 have visited since 2006. 412 proactive teens honor mind body & spirit without drugs or alcohol before 21 with our Sobriety Pledge thus significantly reducing possibility for later addiction. This is our most most significant contribution. My lifetime goal is 5000 Sobriety Pledges. I need your help. Any suggestions? Joseph A. Califano Jr. has affirmed my implementation of our Sobriety Pledge as an effective addiction prevention measure. We also feature 125 essays from our 2008 scholarship contest for Portland Oregon high school students detailing their alcohol and drug refusal skills. 1125 champions celebrate 24,218 clean & sober years on our Sobriety Anniversary web page. Any assistance or advice would be most appreciated. You know your stuff and have my utmost respect.

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau