Hi Brad!

Great to meet you! This is a bit odd for me to say to a person I just met, but I should say it. God must be at work here, because I am struggling with drinking. I repeatedly start and stop, and I fear that nights of bingeing have all but destroyed my mind and my composing career.

I’m working on it but it’s been tough. In any case, I am glad to meet you sir.


Thumbs Up


Andrew: How have you been? I’d love to hear some of your music

Brad: Thank you so much for your trust and honesty, Andrew. I believe with every fiber of my being that you can find help to safely detox and begin the one-day-at a-time-recovery approach without alcohol that kept my father alive an additional 25 years after quitting for good in 1966. Alcohol withdrawal requires medical assistance in order to be safe! It isn’t easy, but by trusting your gut and finding the appropriate program, you can do it. My toughest addiction was smoking. Thankfully, after many attempts, I stopped on February 2, 1991. I hope when you are ready, that you will add your anonymous sobriety anniversary to bradmersereau.com/sobriety-anniversary where 1119 champions celebrate 23,100 clean and sober years. God bless you.

Thanks Brad! Thankfully I don’t have to detox, I never got to that point of physical addiction. But it hurts me just the same. “Alcohol Explained” on amazon has helped me a fair bit, as well as Allen Carr, but haven’t kicked it for good yet

Brad: I dedicated our 4/10/2019 “Just For The Love” Portland State University concert to my dear wife, Janet, who died 8/5/2019 after her courageous 7 1/4 year courageous grace-filled battle with lobular breast cancer. My sweetheart now serves in the heavenly realm.

Waltz With Your Heart – Open Door – Paris – Seaside Sandwich – Heart’s Home

Andrew: Great composition.

Brad: Thank you

Brad: I believe in you, Andrew. If interested, we also have pertinent info @ bradmersereau.com/recovery-resources