Messages to the KGW News Desk & to Tom Hallman of The Oregonian

I lost my sister Laura on June 13, 1999 to alcoholism. Our mission at is to keep her memory alive with addiction prevention and recovery resources. 1088 champions currently celebrate 20,039 clean & sober years at We have more than tripled participation since this 2011 KOIN story: I hope that you will peruse our website and consider their achievement and my motivation to honor Laura as a viable KGW story idea. The surgeon general has declared alcohol and drug addiction a significant public health challenge which affects 10% of our population. Less than 50% seek assistance. Articles by Margie Boule (The Oregonian), Todd Murphy (The Portland Tribune), and others offer further detail. Secure link at href=””>

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau,

p.s. Our highest Maslow priority is addiction prevention. 340 proactive teens honor mind, body and spirit without drugs or alcohol before 21 at thus significantly reducing the possibility of later addiction. I am a composer and pianist, so we offer opportunities to hear music on multiple webpages.