Dear Robin and Diane,

William Temple House’s Executive Director, Carrie Hoops, sent me an email about your upcoming event entitled: “Dying For Treatment: Solving Oregon’s Addiction Crisis.” CCC’s closing of Hooper Detox for safety reasons highlights your topic’s relevance. My sister Laura died in 1999 from adverse health effects connected to her 25 year addiction to alcohol. I launched May 1, 2006. Our mission is to honor Laura’s memory with addiction prevention and recovery to all who want assistance. We are grateful for over 125,000 website visits. 381 proactive teens honor mind, body and spirit promising no drugs or alcohol usage before 21. Joseph Califano Jr’s Columbia University decades of research confirm that our participants have significantly reduced their possibility for future addiction. 1111 Sobriety Anniversary champions celebrate 22,335 collective clean and sober years. We offered the lead gift for Laura’s Place opened in 2009 and managed by Central City Concern where over 100 women and their children have received three to six months of transitional housing and support services after completing treatment at the Letty Owings Center. Please read Tom Hallman’s 2019 Oregonian article and others. We include nicotine as a drug and appreciate all non-smokers who participate. Please investigate our website and share its resources with all who want assistance.

Thank you,  Brad Mersereau


Thank you so much for this message and for the good works you are doing in your sister’s memory.
I viewed your website and will keep it in mind as a community resource.


Robin Moody
Executive Director
Oregon Health Forum
Phone: 503-381-2489