email correspondence with Robin Sharma, Motivational Author & Dynamic Public Speaker.

Subject: A Message For Robin – Fan Mail

Dear Robin,

I am an artist and proactive fan who is currently enjoying The Leader Who Had No Title fable with great interest. As suggested to Julian, I have paid it forward and recommended The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari to at least 45 friends & associates including personnel in a local bookstore and library. I reviewed Secret Letters from the Monk who Sold His Ferrari for Amazon this evening:

Core Values Represented Symbolically & Geographically, August 23, 2013
By Brad Mersereau “wilburforce7” – See all my reviews

This review is from: Secret Letters from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Paperback)
I enjoy Sharma’s allegorical writing style. Key ideas can be recalled by associations he creates through 9 talismans and cities around the globe. I chose to amplify the author’s thematic concept by composing a tune for each of the symbols. His seashell representing simple pleasures inspired my Heart of the Rose tune and will be pitched to television and movie music supervisors by Crucial Music. My Open Door composition, represented by the Taj Mahal and living with a higher purpose, has been placed in a tv episode. I also enjoyed writing for the remaining objects: Sun/Moon, Skull, Pyramids, Paintbrush, Crane, Folded Hands, and Heart. The reader will discover their rich meaning and where they are located. My tune titles can serve as a hint: East Meets West, Release, August Air, Cool Changes, Spirit Speak, When We Waltz, and Wishing Well. Sharma believes that paying it forward through sharing wisdom is paramount and so I am through music.

I have attached an MP3 file of my tune depicting the Paris catacombs and fear which ultimately must be Released. I would love the opportunity to further promote your proactive leadership message through musical synergies if you are interested. I embrace many of your mission-driven concepts in honoring my sister Laura’s memory @ where 910 Sobriety Anniversary champions celebrate 12,700 clean and sober years. Thank you for sharing a message of unlimited personal power through a network of selfless connecting hearts guided by a universal consciousness which knows no bounds. The prayer of St. Francis which suggests we first seek to understand before being understood informs my daily approach. Listening is a key to all beautiful music and effective communication. Thank you for your wisdom and world-altering action through one motivated reader at a time.

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau