To: Nick Swiatkowski
Associate Director of Development for the Sigma Chi Foundation in Washington and Oregon
Subject: September and October Visit

Good Afternoon Nick,

My mission is to make the memory of my sister Laura matter with addiction recovery and prevention support. Sadly, my Whitman College experience with Sigma Chi suggests that our missions do not align. Joseph A. Califano Jr.’s Columbia research documents that 25% of all United Sates college students currently abuse or are clinically addicted to alcohol and or drugs.How to Raise a Drug-Free Kid

One of my strongest life decisions was leaving the alcohol-sated Whitman College Sigma Chi culture and pursuing my musical dreams at Portland State University free of peer pressure to drink. 10 Mersereau scholars have flourished at my alma mater where our missions do align. 1013 champions celebrate 14,976 clean & sober years at Sobriety Anniversaries. Our meeting is not advisable.

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau