email message received


I just reviewed your web page and find it exceptional. Thank you for finding us, sharing your story and allowing us to participate; I’ve added my sobriety date to your site. Please consider linking us as a resource, our ministry is best communicated as “The 12th Step in Action.” We are currently working in the Dominican Republic through local Christian Churches and planning to expand into Peru, Zambia and back to Kenya sometime next year. God willing, we want to share sobriety with all who are willing to quit throughout the world. With 12 years of ministry in Kenya, we have helped well over a thousand people to leave addictive behaviours and the numbers continue to expand. We want to teach a Christ Centered 12 Step Plan to church leaders, help them establish their program and move on to the next area of need. Feel free to contact me personally, or find our contact info at Sobriety International on Facebook.

God bless,

Dave Kentish