email correspondence with Kaila Sassano of Partnership to End Addiction

Dear Brad,

We hope you know how much we appreciate your support and wanted to send a special note of thanks. We are so grateful for champions like you, and this email is all about sharing our sincere gratitude.

Dear Kaila,

Thank you. Please share our Sobriety Pledge with all in your circle of influence at the Partnership To End Addiction @ where 417 courageous teens honor mind, body and spirit without drugs or alcohol before 21 thus significantly reducing possibility of later addiction. Our goal is to welcome 8 more proactive participants by 12/31/21. 1125 champions celebrate 24,504 clean and sober years @ We welcome all new anonymous members. We have raised $4,900,000 including $3,000,000 in matching funds for 9 Portland Oregon addiction prevention and recovery programs including “Laura’s Place” which honor the memory of my late sister who died from drink 6/13/1999. We’re in this together.

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau