On 4/30/2022 3:17 PM, Senator Brian Boquist wrote:


Welcome to the bi-weekly clips prepared by young Oregonians for your consideration with your other sources of information including the socialist corporate media which appears to be having it’s own identity crisis.

Given the largest stock market fall since 1970 happened Friday, and the GDP is declining despite Biden & Congressional free spending, it is past time to get prepared. Though Biden’s intentional food crisis is really a few months away as we are presently buying one & two year old food in the supermarkets, it is not too late to make minor preparations. Just yesterday, we were in Winco which was well stocked and well-priced so that $100 of food could go a long way.




I am moderate conservative who is interested in solutions for the greater good. Is it even possible for local and national politicians to advance an agenda through cooperation and consensus which truly serves their constituents? The stock market dropped 25% on Black Monday, October 1987, and recovered quickly. How did you calculate your second sentence? Words and context matter. The worst April is different from the worst October. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/stock-futures-lower-ahead-of-inflation-data-with-tech-under-pressure-after-apple-amazon-disappointment-11651220738

Investigating longer-term stock market patterns are also necessary to know what characterizes secular (15-20 year) vs cyclical (2-3 year) trends. The rule of 72’s verifies with an average 7.2% total return in the stock market, a double of invested principal every 10 years since its inception regardless of volatility which can be scary. Keep up the good work and looking forward to your reply.

Respectfully, Brad Mersereau

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