email correspondence with The Doctors CBS television health show and with Lars Larson KXL FM radio program.

Released today, determined that alcohol and drug misuse, substance use disorders and addiction are the most pressing public health concern facing America. The release of today’s landmark report marks the first time a U.S. Surgeon General has dedicated a report to substance misuse and related disorders. We applaud the Surgeon General’s recommendations to take a comprehensive, public health approach to how our nation addresses drug and alcohol misuse and substance use disorders. Our hope is that this report will have a profound impact on public attitudes, policy and practice, much as the Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health had on smoking-related policies and attitudes when it was first released in 1964.

Our mission to honor my sister Laura who died June 13, 1999 due to medical complications from her 25-year alcohol addiction continues. We have received over 100,000 webpage views at since launching May 1, 2006. 1065 champions celebrate 17,832 clean & sober years on our Sobriety Anniversary webpage. 125 teens offered their drug and alcohol refusal skills in an essay contest which we co-sponsored with Lines for Life in Portland, Oregon in 2008. Most importantly, 303 teens honor mind, body and spirit without drugs or alcohol before 21, thus significantly reducing possibility for later addiction as documented by Joseph A. Califano Jr.’s CASA Columbia University research. Feel free to share our resources with those who need them.

Please interview me so that more will be empowered to choose a life-saving proactive non-addictive life-style. Maintaining serene presence is everything.

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau

p.s. We have raised $3,600,000 including $2,200,000 in matching funds for 9 Portland, Oregon addiction prevention recovery programs including “Laura’s Place,” a 6-plex, sponsored through Central City Concern which has been a safe and secure transitional home for 101 mothers and their children since 2009.