Dear Brad, April 8, 2016 Letter

Thank God for beautiful Janet who is your world. Life throws curveballs. In spite of losing your beloved sister Laura to the devastation of alcoholism, you steadfastly remain at the plate. Your mission since her death June 13, 1999 is to offer addiction prevention and recovery support to those who want to grab on. Your first priority is prevention. 286 proactive teens honor mind, body and spirit without drugs or alcohol before 21 through your website’s sobriety pledge. 1054 sobriety anniversary champions celebrate 17,005 clean and sober years and 100,000 participants have visited your website. Honoring Laura since May 1, 2006. With community support including $2,200,000 in matching funds, you have raised $3,600,000 for 9 Portland Oregon sobriety programs. Thank God for your faith and determination.

Love, Brad