email correspondence with Kevin Collins of Partnership Parent and Community Support Services.

Dear Kevin,

I lost my sister Laura to alcoholism on June 13, 1999. We have raised $3,880,000 including $2,400,000 in matching funds for 9 Portland Oregon addiction prevention and recovery programs including Central City Concern’s “Laura’s Place,” 6-plex which has provided drug and alcohol-free transitional housing for over 100 women and 90 children since 2009. Please share with all in your proactive community our Sobriety Pledge webpage @ Laura’s Pledge where 310 teen champions honor mind body and spirit without drugs or alcohol before 21 thus significantly reducing the possibility for later addiction. Since our 2006 May Day (translated in French to “help me”) website launch, we have received over 100,000 webpage views. 1072 participants celebrate 18,422 clean & sober years @ Sobriety Anniversaries. We hope that you will share our resources with those in need. We offer vital parent and community support for the greater good of all.

Sincerely, Brad Mersereau

Kevin Collins Response:

Dear Brad,

We are overwhelmed by the number of supporters we have added to the Partnership’s Champion Network of monthly donors. Your generous support will dramatically advance our work and ensure parents have access to the tools, resources and answers they need to address their child’s substance use.

One of our parents said it best, “It has been a long journey, one that started over 15 years ago, but I’m not alone. I’m stronger and better equipped to take one day at a time thanks to the Partnership.”

If you haven’t joined us yet as a Partnership Champion, you can still support families in need TODAY by becoming a monthly donor, a simple and safe way to make a BIG impact. Your support of just $45 a month that’s $1.50 a day will allow us to train local professionals addressing substance use in their communities to deliver community education across the country to help keep neighborhoods healthy and safe.

Your gift will help us continue to be a lifeline for families and ensure all parents are prepared to help their loved one thrive. Our work is not possible without you, so thank you for joining us today!


Kevin Collins
Partnership Parent and Community Support Services

P.S. Just like your Netflix, Blue Apron and Spotify monthly memberships, you can increase, decrease or suspend your gift at any time.