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Hey there Brad,,,,,,
Was very nice to hear from U this afternoon,,,,,,,,
I cant thank you enough for being my friend when I really needed one,,,,,,I had to believe in myself first and foremost,, but your faith gave me strength.. I will always smile and appreciate your kindness… The golden rule still lives (smiley emoticons).. There is a line in “the grapes of wrath”..“aint got a soul of your own..just a piece of the big one”…. you made a place I could smile,, and hope to continue to do so…………………God bless you, my friend, (smiley emoticon)

Received email update from same recovering gentleman 05-05-12:

I just wanted to thank you for being a spiritual cheerleader for these past years …..You have made a difference. In my mind set//I know I may not have been the expectations you thought I would be,, But I am a better person from knowing you.. You a real friend///always a smile…

My 05-06-12 reply:

Thank you. I cheer your commitment with an upcoming Sobriety Anniversary date. If you stumble, as we all do in one way or another, I know you have the inner strength to continue your sober path. Brad

p.s. You are part of a growing community with 747 Sobriety Anniversary participants celebrating 9700 clean & sober years @ With 300 more years we will reach our 2012 goal of 10,000! We remain focused on our mission. My sister Laura’s memory continues to matter.

His 05-06-12 reply:

you give me spirit and strength